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Address:No. 25 Tianzhuang, Qishan Village, Yangming Street, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province

Company Culture

JianTai upholds the core values of "Teamwork, Pursuit of Excellence", forming a unique corporate culture.

First is "People-oriented". JianTai cares for employees by providing a good working and growth environment, and promotes communication through various cultural and sports activities. We value nurturing employees' professional skills, encouraging innovation, and fully tapping their potential.

Second is "Quality First". With the quality policy of "Manufacturing world-class plastic machinery", JianTai exerts strict control over every step spanning design, procurement and production to ensure every equipment leading the industry.

Third is "Customer-focused". JianTai puts itself in customers' shoes, maintains close communication, provides customized solutions, and builds long-term partnerships, pursuing mutual growth with customers.

Fourth is "Environmentally Friendly". JianTai undertakes environmental responsibility by developing energy-efficient and eco-friendly green machinery, and optimizing production process to minimize resource waste and pollution.

Fifth is "Social Contribution". JianTai actively participates in charity, giving back to the community with corporate strength by contributing to education, poverty relief etc.

These excellent core values drive JianTai's team towards shared goals, also leading to better development in the industry.

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