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In 2023, JIANTAI will update and iterate forward plastic extruder and plastic granulator

  • Time:2023-08-11
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In 2023, JIANTAI plans to fully upgrade its plastic extruder and plastic granulator. Through this upgrade, JIANTAI hopes to further improve the quality of equipment and provide customers with better products and services.

1. Overall upgrade of appearance and structure

In this iteration, JIANTAI's plastic extruders and granulators will adopt all-stainless steel 304 metal shells, replacing the common steel plates partially used in the old equipment. Stainless steel has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and long service life, and is more suitable as the material of the machine shell. This not only makes the appearance of the equipment more exquisite and high-end, but also greatly improves the wear resistance of the equipment.

At the same time, JIANTAI also optimized the internal structure of the equipment, adopting a more reasonable layout and ergonomic design. The device operation interface has also been redesigned, with a larger screen and more refined buttons. This will bring a better operating experience.

Second, the control system achieves independence

In terms of control system, the highlight of this update of JIANTAI is the realization of independent control of the temperature control module and PLC system.

In the past, the temperature control module and the main PLC control system were not independent, and they were prone to mutual interference. Especially in processes that require precise temperature control, temperature drift seriously affects product quality. In the new equipment, the temperature control module is completely independent, has its own controller and sensor, realizes closed-loop control, and greatly improves the temperature control accuracy.

The PLC system has achieved complete independent control. JIANTAI equips the plastic tractor and granulator with independent PLC systems, instead of simply implementing control through the expansion of the main PLC system. Independent PLC not only improves the control precision, but also prevents mutual interference between systems.

3. Software and hardware upgrade of functional modules

JIANTAI has also upgraded its hardware and software on the main functional modules.

The extruder screw system adopts a newly developed anti-wear screw, which greatly improves the life of the screw. The reducer and motor have also been upgraded accordingly to ensure that they can adapt to the new production process requirements.

The optimized design of the cutting system of the granulator realizes the quick replacement of the cutter head module and facilitates maintenance. At the same time, the strength of the cutter head is also enhanced. Imported lightweight geared motors are used to improve power efficiency.

In addition to the hardware upgrade, the control software has also been updated. The new system has advanced human-machine interface and intelligent diagnosis function. Through data monitoring and analysis, it can realize dynamic optimization and preventive maintenance, reduce sudden failures and improve production efficiency.

Four, professional after-sales service

This upgrade of JIANTAI not only focuses on improving the performance of the equipment, but also strengthens the professional after-sales service system and provides comprehensive maintenance support.

JIANTAI has established a remote maintenance system, which can check the operation status of equipment at any time, find problems in time and propose solutions. At the same time, it also provides on-site on-site maintenance, and has the ability to quickly replace spare parts to ensure that the machine can return to normal in the shortest time after a failure.

For new equipment, JIANTAI has also added operation training services, so that customers can quickly grasp the characteristics of the equipment, improve operation proficiency, and maximize the effectiveness of the equipment.

5. Cost reduction and efficiency increase bring real benefits

Through this upgrade, JIANTAI's plastic processing equipment has reached a new level in terms of performance, precision and intelligence. This not only improves the quality of products and services, but also brings real economic benefits to customers.

High-precision process control can reduce quality problems and scrap rate, and reduce production costs. Intelligent operation and management reduces labor costs. More efficient equipment efficiency speeds up throughput. This will directly bring about cost reduction and efficiency increase for customers.

6. Improve the status and influence of the industry as a whole

This new product release and iteration is an important breakthrough and leap for JIANTAI plastic processing equipment. It will enable JIANTAI to achieve a qualitative leap in the industry, truly reach the international advanced level, and gain a larger market share.

This will not only directly enhance the brand value and industry status of JIANTAI, but also play a positive role in promoting the technological progress of the entire industry. Allow more customers to use advanced equipment with higher cost performance.

Through continuous innovation and quality improvement, JIANTAI is confident to occupy a more important strategic position in the field of plastic processing, create greater value for customers, and create more employment opportunities for the society, becoming a leading brand in the industry.

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